Weekend Inspiration #10


You know how they say be careful what you wish for? Well, it’s true! For the past few weeks I’ve been bitching about the bad weather that ruined several of my trips, and now I should be happy there’s no more rain, no more thunders and wind. Now it’s just heat. And when I say heat I’m talking about seven fires of hell kind of heat, that makes you sweat like Fontana di Trevi 24/7. Yaaaay! (notice the sarcasm in my interjection!) But, I diverge! As I said, I had several trips planned but completely blown by the damn storm, and now I can finally see the places I wanted to see. Because nothing says summer more like a mountain of papers, travel guides and maps to dive in, while day dreaming about beautiful destinations. Meanwhile, I’m leaving you with a shady photo to keep you cool this week-end. Have a nice one! 🙂


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