Sankt Otmar

Sankt Otmar

Yesterday, I began to tell you about my latest trip, and I started with my first stop, a tiny Austrian village named Klein-Pöchlarn. It’s right on the banks of the Danube, on the side of the mountain, which meant all the streets in the village were inclined. So, my relaxing evening stroll quickly turned into a hike. I did reach the center of the town (which was just a few minutes form my hotel), and I discovered this little church, Sankt Otmar Church. Usually, in these kind of villages, the center means the main church and maybe a fountain or a monument of some sort, so it wasn’t that difficult to go through the whole town in several minutes. What I found interesting were the tiny roads, that, apparently had two lanes, but you could barely squeeze in a car the size of a Mini Cooper. And since my car of choice was an SUV, let’s just say, I was glad I decided to leave it at the hotel.


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