Mr. Grabmer’s Mill

salzburg mill

This is Mr. Grabmer’s Mill (in the left corner), which became a touristic attraction when it was installed in 2007. After the closing of the mill of the St. Peter’s Abbey („Stiftsmühle”) in 1966, a turbine replaced the water wheels. Franz Grabmer, master miller, master baker and former director of Stifts – und Salzachmühle decided to reinstall a water wheel in this place to operate a small mill. This mill grinds part of the flower demand of the monastery, where he also lives. Nearby, there’s a museum where visitors learn all about the process of baking from grinding the cereals to the delicious products. And if you get hungry, you can buy some of the delicious treats the bakery makes every day.

Here’s a video I’ve made, not to far from the mill. The music in the background is being played by a group of street musicians nearby and it went perfect with the surroundings.


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