Vaduz Castle

vaduz castle

Continuing where I left things yesterday, this year I added two more countries on my list and the first one was Liechtenstein. I really loved this charming principality that looks like a modern take on a fairy tale land. I crossed the border from Austria, where there are actually check points, since Liechtenstein is not part of the EU. However it didn’t take long and the border patrol was more interested if we had any goods to report than checking our passports. After we entered the country we went straight to the capital, Vaduz. It didn’t take long, as this country is only 160 km2 (61.78 sq mi) which is barely larger than Manhattan. On our way we drove through beautiful little villages where you could clearly see the German influence. Finally, we saw the castle and we knew we were close. Here is said castle, right above the city of Vaduz. To get close to it you have to take a hike, but I decided against it. The castle is the actual residence of the prince of Liechtenstein and his family so it’s closed for visitors. It made no sense to climb all the way to the gate and not being able to see much. Plus, the castle looked so much better from below.


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