Yesterday, I was telling you about the first real view I had of Marseille, right from St. Charles train station. This entire city is laid out over some pretty steep hills, so from the train station, which is a little further away from the port, you can see the entire center all the way down to the harbor. Also, you can easily see the main cathedral of the city – Notre-Dame de la Garde. It’s not very easy to reach this church, as it’s on the right side of the port, in the medieval center, on a pretty high hill. But, once you get there you’ll discover a breath-taking panorama. And the basilica itself is really beautiful. This Neo-Byzantine church was built in 1864, on the foundations of an ancient fort, located at the highest natural point in Marseille -149 m (490 ft). Which means you can spot it from almost every place in the city.


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