Now, we’ve finally arrived at the main part of my trip (it only took about two months of posts to get here) – the seaside. I think I’ve told you hundreds of times how much I love the seaside, and how my perfect vacation just has to have at least one week of sitting by the beach and doing nothing. And since this was truly a perfect vacation, of course, it contained seven blissful days of laying on the beach. This year I choose a more secluded place at the Mediterranean Sea in France. The little village is called Serignan Plage and it’s a few miles west of Montpellier. I deliberately chose a more quite location, with very large beaches, instead of the always crowded Cote d’Ázur. And when I got there, the first thing I did was to run towards the sea. This was my first view of the beach (isn’t it just beautiful?), just a few minutes before the sunset. Perfect end of the day.


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