I know I said my favorite part of my euro – trip was the week of doing nothing by the beach, but I couldn’t help explore the surroundings just a little bit, since I was in one of the most beautiful regions in France, Languedoc. Also, that week was a big holiday – Assumption of Mary, which is a very big deal in most Catholic countries. Last year I celebrated it in Italy, in Venice, and this year I celebrated Feria in Beziers. This town was just a few miles away from Serignan Plage, so I decided to spend the day there. And, as it turns out it was the best choice. This town celebrates like no other. Over a million visitors are attracted by the five-days event every year. So I got to enjoy the famous Feria de Beziers at the fullest. This is the Municipal Theater, in the city center, where all the main events took place. Just imagine a huge mob of people, loud traditional music and fine dining right on the street.


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