As I was saying yesterday, the car access in all the five terre is forbidden, so you have to be very, very, very lucky to find a proper parking spot at the entrance in every town. I was not very lucky that day, and so my view of Riomaggiore was a little different. I stopped on my way to Manarola, at one of the many vantage points that are available. Word for the wise – if you plan to visit this area try the train from La Spezia. It’s so much easier, and you’ll know you’ll get to see every town. Me, on the other hand I wasn’t as smart. (though I thought about taking the train, but I didn’t have that much time at my disposal). Then again, who would think to visit an important touristic attraction in the middle of August?!?! However, the view was not too shabby, and I got to see Manarola, which, in my humble opinion, is the most beautiful town there.


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