Second Sea

aegean sea

Remember how I was telling you that I couldn’t swim in the Mediterranean, because it was so cold I was afraid I might loose a toe? But that I actually got to do a lot of swimming this summer? Well, here it is – the second holiday I took this year – in Greece. However, this trip was more about friends, late nights and tons of laying on the beach and swimming in the beautiful Aegean Sea, than sight seeing so, most of the photos I took were more personal. That’s why I won’t be posting nearly as many pictures of this trip, as I did with the first one. However, the sea was breathtaking, and I did photograph it a lot. It had the most amazing shades of blue. Well, just see for yourself in the video below.  So, for the next couple weeks I’ll be reliving part o my summer, just in time for the first snow.


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