On the Road


The only sight seeing I did during my stay in Greece was supposed to only last an hour or so, but it turned into a very looooong, unexpected journey. I read that nearby there was a small reservation with a pretty large population of turtles. So, naturally I was curious and since Google Maps said it’s less than an hour walk, I said why not. However, the trip turned out to be a lot longer than expected. And I mean a lot. All I had to do was to follow the singes, which were not that many, and I ended up on a dirt road like this one, the seemed to be going in the middle of… nowhere. I did get to take some cool photos, since the views were breathtaking. So, in the next few day I’ll show you some photos from that trip, including, of course, the turtles, which, by the time I got to actually see them, they became the „damned turtles”. They were pretty cute, though! 🙂


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