Winter in Bari

bari christmas lights

Remember how at New Year’s I was telling you that I decided to spend the last few days of 2014 (and the first few of 2015) in a new city I haven’t seen before. Well here it is! I decided that I wanted to start the New Year by the sea, and Bari was a place I hadn’t seen before. The plane ticket wasn’t very expensive, and, in just a few hours, I decided that was my next trip. And I’m glad I did so. It was pretty cold there (it was winter after all) so there was no swimming or sunbathing, though the air was deliciously salty and the sun seemed so much warmer under palm trees. Of course, since I was there during the winter holidays, all the streets of this city were decorated with beautiful lights. But now it’s February and I’m already looking forward to shiny spring days and I don’t want to go back to the holiday mood. So, instead of the many, many photos of Christmas decorations and lights I took while I was there (like the one in this post), in the next few weeks I’ll show you the harbor, the tiny cobbled stoned streets in the medieval center and so much more. The Christmasy photos I’m saving for the next winter holiday!


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